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Ayurvedic Single Herb

Ayurvedic Single Herb

Ayurvedic Single Herb

Ayurveda makes use of various sources to prepare medicine like plants, minerals, milk, ghee, oils, precious metals etc.  

In Herbal Ayurveda, pure Herbal Ayurvedic preparations are made with the use of leaves, flowers, fruits, roots etc of herbsThe fear of modern day people that Ayurvedic medicines may contain heavy metals is absolutely not there in these Herbal Ayurvedic medicines.


In Ayurveda there are more than 5000 herbs which have medicinal value. Herbal Hills Research team has identified few herbs mentioned in Ayurvedic text with their monograph & healing properties & introduced them as Herbal Ayurvedic Supplement.  Many of these single herbs are blended with their own standard extracts with active constituents.  These extracts are concentrated form of herbs that have the ability to preserve the ative constituents & are healthy Natural Alternative to synthetic ingredients.


Ayurvedic Supplement is a concentrated Nutritional Food Supplement which provides nutrients that are missing or are not consumed in sufficient quantity in a persons daily diet.

Now as per Ayurveda, normal doses are 3 to 5 gms i.e. 6 -10 tablets/capsules a day.  If you want to take 2 or 3 herbs a day, then 20 - 30 tablets to be consumed per day which becomes too much quantity.  So Western world brought the concept of extract, where almost 1/10th quantity gave same result, so in 1 tablet you get 10 tablets dose.

Herbal Hills accepted this extract concept & introduced Herbal Products in market with 23 single herbs with their active ingredients.  So people could consume herbs of their liking on daily basis.


These Herbal Products (Single herbs) are with essential nutrients for healthy functioning of various body organs of which one may be deprived of this Nutritional Supplement / Dietary Supplement / Ayurvedic Supplement in his daily diet.

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Natural weight loss - Garcinia 60 vegie caps.
Garcinia - 60 vegie Capsules 400 mg Slimming Aid   Garcinia contains hydroxy..
Alternative herb for sugar control - Gurmar 60 vegie caps.
Gurmar - 60 vegie capsules 250 mg Healthy Blood Sugar   Each capsule contain..
Natural Healthy Tonic - Aloe 60 vegie capsules
Aloe 60 vegie capsues - 400 mg each Healthy tonic for all Aloevera is a rich anti-oxid..
Natural detoxification Trikatu - 60 vegie caps.
Trikatu - 60 Vegie Capsule 350mg Digestive Support           &..
Turmeric Immunity 60 vegie capsules
Turmeric 60 vegie Capsules 300mg Immuno Defense   Each capsule contains 150 mg..
Moringa Oleifera 120 tablets
Moringa - 120 tablets 500 mg   Each film coated tablet contains 500 mg Moringa lea..
Natural Vitamin C and Appetizer - Amlaki 60 vegie caps.
Amlaki 60 Capsules / 425 mg each 28% Tannins Antioxidant Amlaki (Indian Gooseberry) is co..
Cardiac Care Dietary supplement - Arjuna 60 vegie capsules
Arjuna - 60 vegie capsules / 500 mg each Heart Care 12% Tannins, 0.5% Arjunic Acid Arjuna..
Stress relief Supplement- Ashwagandha 60 vegie caps.
Ashwagandha - 60 Vegie Capsules / 350 mg each Vitality Support 0.5% Withanolides, 0.8% Alkalo..
Brahmi (Bacopa) brain tonic 60 vegie capsule
Bacopa 60 vegie capsules / 300 mg each Brain tonic 25% total Bacosides, 27% Saponins Brah..
Thyroid and Cholesterol support - Guggul 60 vegie caps.
Guggul  - 60 vegie capsule / 500 mg each 1% Gugglasterone  Thyroid & Cholestero..
Herbal Detox capsules - Haritaki 60 vegie capsules
Haritaki - 60 Vegie Capsules / 300 mg each 33% Tannins Holistic Herbal Detox Each capsule..
Natural herb for Diabetes - Jambu 60 vegie capsules
Jambu 60 vegie Capsules  / 425 mg each Healthy Blood Sugar 2% Bitter, 6% Saponins ..
Bitter melon for diabetes control - 60 vegie caps.
Bitter Melon - 60 Capsules / 450 mg each 8% Bitter Healthy Blood Sugar Karela (Bitte..
Joint Health Support - Fenugreek 60 vegie caps.
Fenugreek 60 vegie capsules - Joint Health Support 8% Saponins, 5% Bitter Fenugreek (Methi)..
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